End of tolerance in Ontario: Schools can force kids to learn gender ideology

September 19, 2015

Ontario sex education curriculum harms democracy

New immigrants to Ontario may have thought they were coming to the land of milk, honey, multiculturalism and tolerance. But they are experiencing a great disillusionment. They may have escaped tyranny in their home countries, but they have only jumped from the frying pan into a growing new fire.

Here in Ontario, we are witnessing the end of real tolerance. Earlier this month, Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals made it clear that the Ontario government will allow school boards to mandate that children attend portions of the new sex-ed curriculum.

Gotta give it to Sandals, this is a smart PR decision. It makes the province look benevolent - they wash their hands of the dirty work. It will be the local school boards, not the Wynne government, who forces kids to sit through the gender ideology propaganda. Wynne can claim innocence when the election rolls around, and even blame the parents - "if you don't like what your school board is doing, take it up with your trustees".

Meanwhile, the bureaucratic juggernaut of the school boards is already rolling forward the hardline. In Mississauga, the Peel District School Board  Director of Education recently gave a speech where he put it this way:
CTV screenshot of Tony Pontes, Peel District Education Director"If they ask for an accommodation, in other words to be exempted from a discussion around same-sex families, we would not provide that accommodation."
According to CTV, Mr. Pontes also won't allow students to miss the discussion about "diverse gender identities." (But he will allow an accommodation for discussions about "masturbation").

Mr. Pontes goes on to make a truly chilling statement:
"Let's be clear, some in our community may not like this. They may actually choose to switch school systems, in fact. If so, that is the price we must be willing to pay."
Wow. How is that for a a show of force and intolerance by the new dictatorship?

But Mr. Pontes craftily softened the blow: according to the CTV, he gave parents another alternative as well: "parents could always keep their children home during the days in question." 

Lovely. So if parents do not want to subject their kids to ideological brainwashing on sexuality, then the school district will punish their kids by forcing them to miss out on a full day's instruction in all other classes as well. 

Watch Mr. Pontes and the CTV coverage here:

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