Why is abortion ignored by genocide studies?

September 21, 2015

Recognizing abortion as a modern genocide.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum surely qualifies as one of the world's best resources on genocide studies. The museum concerns itself not only with the Holocaust of World War II, but also with other modern genocides, such as those in Bosnia, Cambodia and elsewhere. Currently, the museum website presents a big feature on "The World's Refugee Crisis" involving Syrian refugees.  

How can it be then, that I search the museum website in vain for even a single reference to the worst mass killing of all time: the continuing loss of human life through abortion? How is it possible that the museum website provides the audio of lectures such as "How Might Another Holocaust Be Prevented?", paradoxically in complete ignorance of the holocaust of unborn children that is happening at this very moment?

This strange omission is not unique to the Holocaust Museum. Indeed, abortion is the shocking blind spot of the entire international community of justice seekers, truth defenders and human rights activists, which includes innumerable organizations including Amnesty International and other human rights groups. 

How can it be explained that this very community, filled as they are with zeal for preventing and ending genocides and mass atrocities around the world, has not noticed the ongoing murder of over 57 million unborn human beings in the United States alone (since Roe v. Wade)? 

This incredible and catastrophic ignorance surely begs for some kind of explanation. One day, answers will also be demanded by incredulous future generations.

The Maginot Line of Genocide Studies

In the lead-up to World War II, France expended a lot of effort in building extremely strong defences against a possible German invasion. The Maginot Line was almost impervious to attack, but it had a fatal flaw: it was built with the expectation that World War II would be a repeat of World War I, centred on slow trench warfare. 

Unfortunately for the French, the Germans chose a completely different strategy the second time around. Equipped with modern technology such as fast-moving tanks and a powerful air force, the Germans chose a swift line of attack that completely bypassed the Maginot Line. They were able to conquer a bewildered and impotent France within the short space of six weeks. 

Today's genocide studies have also constructed a Maginot Line. Ever since the Holocaust, the cry of "Never Again" has been on the lips of academics and activists who have engaged in painstaking research and teaching campaigns, trying to discover why human beings have perpetrated such atrocities and how to prevent them in the future.

And yet, right under their very noses, flying in the face of all of their meticulous fact-gathering and theorizing, a slaughter of such vast proportions that it dwarfs the Holocaust has been proceeding for decades, completely under their radar. Abortion has gone unnoticed because it is not a typical genocide of the kind that the scholars are trained to identify.

The genocide scholars are looking for signs of hate towards a specific group: but abortion has made the face of hatred unrecognisable. 

For one thing, the victims of abortion are not the kind of identifiable group that genocide scholars are looking for. They are not similar in terms of race, gender, or any other characteristic. They are only similar in terms of being unborn and unwanted to the point of death.   

Secondly, where is the hate towards the victims of abortion? There doesn't seem to be any - abortion is often little more than an impersonal business transaction.

But perhaps, hate has not exactly evaporated. Rather, it is unrecognisable, because it has been 'purified' down to the essential for a killing: the desire for the unborn person's death

Every abortion involves this desire, and surely this desire can be seen as a kind of hatred - perhaps not a prejudice towards the unborn person as such, but nonetheless a complete rejection of his or her very life, a life that seems unbearable to those who wish to eliminate it. 

This central desire for the death of a particular individual is completely hidden. The focus usually remains on the woman's life, on the woman's needs, and on the woman's rights.

Hardly does the question of the child's death ever receive any mention, and it is never treated as a matter of any importance. Of course, upon examination, this fits perfectly into the profile of a genocide, where the victims have been completely dehumanized, to the point where their deaths are insignificant.

The genocide scholars are looking for perpetrators and for violence, but neither aggressors nor aggression take a familiar form in abortion

Each abortion involves more than one aggressor, but not of the kind that one would see in the uniform of an SS man. The aggressors here are, shockingly, the child's own mother and the physicians, nurses and staff who carry out and assist with the abortion. Such people wear the impenetrable veneer of love and benevolence: how can the mother, often in distress and with tears streaming down her face, be viewed as an aggressor? 

In our culture, mothers are invariably identified with unconditional love, and we have not yet stepped over that threshold and grasped the reality that is all around us: that mothers are, indeed, capable of condemning their own children to death. Doctors too, are identified with help and healing, not with death and murder. 

Significantly, our culture assists these stereotypes by framing abortion as a benevolent action that supports and aids the mother. But there can be no mistaking the violence of abortion. How could it be otherwise, when the act involves forcibly ending a human life? For those who do not shirk from the truth, there is no denying the obvious. 

Evidence of this violence is available for those who dare to see. The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has compiled some graphic images which attest to the violence of abortion. Ask yourself: what conclusion would you draw if these images involved already-born human beings, rather than the unborn? The reality of genocide has never been more clear.

Looking for gallows, guns, and gas chambers yields nothing in the case of abortion. 

The gas chambers have gone underground: indeed, each child now has its own personal gas chamber, fashioned out of the womb itself. Never has human history witnessed such ultimate "efficiency"! Death takes place incredibly discretely, one child at a time. 

The bodies of these victims are so small that their destruction is also far more hidden than in other genocides. There are no piles of dead bodies, no buildings filled with skulls and bones, no mass graves to uncover as there have been in many other genocides. Though if one pays attention, occasionally one will uncover some ghastly store-house of these minuscule human remains, such as the 'House of Horrors' abortuary of the infamous Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

Even a search for the victims seems to yield nothing. 

Combining the 57 million dead in the United States, and the nearly 3 million dead in Canada, abortion in North America has now produced ten times more victims than the Holocaust. 

Globally, that number is even more staggering: 42 million abortions take place each year around the world, and some have estimated that over 1.72 billion abortions have taken place worldwide since 1972. 

The victims have ranged from tiny few-day-olds to babies who were at full gestational age, just about to be naturally born. These victims were all individual human persons, each possessing a unique human DNA. At the time of their slaughter through abortion, each of these little persons was alive, developing and growing.

And just as with other genocides, the aggressors did not manage to kill each of them. Among the victims, there are some survivors.

And yet..we still deny that there have been any victims at all. And where there is no victim, how can there be a genocide? 

In abortion, the victim has been completely written out of the very equation that produces his or her death. Abortion has been re-framed solely in reference to the woman and her rights, as if that is the only relevant concern. 

The victim has been re-defined as a non-victim, because he or she has been demoted to a non-person. And the death of a subhuman is banal, unworthy of notice. This is one of the central features of abortion which makes it so similar to other genocides. 

In this connection, cultural blindness comes to play a large role - we do not recognize the victim because we too are part of this culture, whose propaganda has convinced even us that the victim does not exist. 

The billion-sized cultural blind spot

Many people have wondered how ordinary Germans could have "not known". There were several terrible concentration camps right within Germany. Jews were being mocked, persecuted and killed openly in the streets. Hitler's every speech was seething with hatred towards the Jews and calling for their annihilation. How could ordinary Germans claim blindness to it all, after the fact? 

Yet ignorance was the most common post-war defence among the Germans, from ordinary civilians to those within all ranks of the Nazi party. They all claimed that they had no idea how bad it really was, they had no inkling that the Jews were being exterminated. Can this really be true?

The German claim to innocence seems to be an incomprehensible mystery. But looking at today's community of human rights activists and genocide scholars, and their ignorance of abortion, I start to understand better that these German excuses may have been partially honest. 

Honest in the sense that even if Germans knew that Jews were being persecuted, and perhaps even killed, they perhaps honestly did not believe that this was a bad thing. They had been brainwashed, one could say, to think of the persecution of the Jews as the right action to take.

Let me illustrate this point with a quote from a former police batallion member in Nazi Germany, who engaged in various acts of violence and brutality towards the Jews:
"It is true that I know that it is also the duty of the police to protect the innocent, but I was then of the conviction that the Jews were not innocent but guilty. I believed the propaganda that all Jews were criminals and subhumans and that they were the cause of Germany's decline after the First World War."
(Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust, Daniel Goldhagen, 179)
Daniel Goldhagen's book was published in 1996 and caused quite a stir in the field of Holocaust studies, because of his meticulously researched thesis: that a large proportion of the German population personally agreed with and supported the Nazi program of exterminating the Jews. He persuasively argued:
"Had the Nazis been faced with a German populace who saw the Jews as ordinary human beings, and German Jews as their brothers and sisters, then it is hard to imagine that the Nazis would have proceeded, or would have been able to proceed, with the extermination of the Jews."
This statement is just as true today, in relation to contemporary society and our lack of compassion for the deaths of the unborn. 

Those who wish to prevent genocides would surely never imagine themselves as willing participants in the genocide of any human group on this earth. But in the case of abortion, they all stand convicted, they all stand silent, they all stand blind.

And not just they; this blindness, collusion and passive acceptance is the collective guilt and shame of our entire society, which will come to light and be recognized someday. 

We have bought entirely into the lie that has designated only those outside the womb as possessing human rights.

According to this illogical, laughable distinction, a few layers of tissue and an umbillical cord are apparently the decisive factors when it comes to human personhood. At its most absurd, the space of seconds - unborn to born - can mean the difference between legal abortion and illegal homicide.

Modern science and medicine have already made a farce of this ridiculous lie. No matter; the propaganda continues to propagate this highly convenient untruth, so crucial to the whole abortion business. 

Western society cannot admit to itself that it is murdering millions of its weakest family members. It needs to continually stoke the illusion of its own moral superiority and goodness. And so, the victim vanishes from his own murder, which is pretended to be a trivial act akin to removing a rotten tooth.

The self-image of our society balances precariously on the success of this charade, just as the Germans needed to believe that the Jews were evil and less than human, in order to persecute and kill with impunity while still considering themselves a modern and even Christian society. 

How to overcome the blindness?

Cultural blindness can be incredibly overpowering and complete. The messages that we receive from popular culture, from the government, from important figures in society, have indeed convinced and reassured many of us that abortion is actually a good thing.

And so, modern Western society continues to perpetrate genocide upon its own children even while chanting "Never Again." 

One day, schoolchildren will ask: how can we claim to have not known? How could the murder of millions have gone unnoticed? How could we have done nothing to stop it?

Breaking the mass hypnosis is an urgent need.

But how? I am not quite sure. 

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