April 27, 2016

Quo Vadis?

One of my favorite poems comes to mind.
Once in a while, I wish I had a blog about lighter subjects. Sometimes I have even thought about starting a blog like that. It would be a place to share my adventures in homeschooling, fruit and vegetable gardening, and attempting to live and eat the "Blue Zones" way. It would allow me to share a whole different side of myself, the not-so-serious side, the side that takes up the majority of my real everyday life.

A blog like that would seem to make sense for me. After all, on any given day I have very little time to follow and think about politics, life issues, and so on. I rarely have time to read the news in any depth. Most of my day is spent homeschooling and going on local adventures with kids. Now that spring is here, I am also spending a lot of time out in the yard, where I am expanding our fruit and vegetable garden (last year went extremely well, so we're doubling the space this year). And as the head chef of our family, who makes all the meals (unless there are leftovers), I am also in charge of implementing our decision to follow a healthy plant-based diet.

It would be fun to build a blog that shares these parts of my life as a mom and housewife. And a blog like that has its definite attractions, such as joining the giant and friendly online community of other similar moms.

April 13, 2016

Amoris Laetitia: The Pope's Big Tent Plan

There is a lot of really good stuff in Amoris Laetitia. It's a huge document that is mostly a goldmine of solid, strong quotes expressing Church teaching on many different subjects involving the family. If the liberals were sticking their fingers in the door, hoping to make some leeway for same-sex marriage, reproductive technologies, abortion, or even contraception, they got their fingers slammed instead.

BUT. There is also a small amount of bad stuff. Namely, those references to letting priests decide to let some divorced and remarried Catholics possibly receive the Eucharist, in what looks like a violation of Church rules, because apparently conscience might make it okay.

Does that sprinkle of bad stuff, like too much salt, spoil the whole stew? Many sure think it does. Particularly if, as David Warren suggests, the stew was cooked just so that sprinkle could be added.

Others, like Fr. David Longnecker, are of the opinion that such a conclusion is uncharitable and unbecoming, akin to "picking through the Pope's exhortation like carrion crows". We should take time to digest the stew, not for a few hours or days but probably for a few months at least. Then we'll be able to speak more about it.

But here's the thing. The world is burning around us, we are now in Sodom. And our besieged leader has just issued a statement. Well, what does Fr. Longnecker (with all due respect) think we're going to do? File it away and sit on it for months? Not a chance.

We will scan each line with bated breath and eager anticipation, hoping to see, like those patriots behind the ramparts in the American anthem, whether our banner still waves over the home of the brave and the land of the free. Has the Pope given in to those liberal pressures, or is the Church still standing its ground?

For us in Sodom, that is the question. And all else is just...stew.

April 7, 2016

Why believe in God?

I know I shouldn't be blogging about Easter anymore, nearly two weeks after our speeding culture has moved 10,000 miles past that drive-by destination. Here I am doing it anyway.

This year, our Easter was not about egg hunts and fun times. Easter hit us hard this year, right over our heads, with its real message about life and death. It's a message that we are supposed to remember each year at Easter, but we are never quite ready for the full reality of it.

We spent this Easter praying intensely for the lives of two people: a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, and a close family member who spent Easter Sunday in very serious condition in a hospital bed. We are still praying for them both.

Not much of a "happy" Easter. But the essence of Easter was in a sense more present to us over Easter weekend than perhaps all of those other years when entertainments and amusements were at the forefront. Because Easter is not about bunnies, eggs, or hot cross buns. It is our annual appointment with death itself. It is supposed to make us think about where we are all headed, quite inevitably. No one is exempt from it, not even God.

March 20, 2016

Trumped by Entertainment: The Death of American Common Sense

Here is the billion-dollar question: why are so many people attracted to Donald Trump? Why is the Republican base of common-sense ordinary folk going gaga for a man who couldn't be further removed from their lives and concerns, a man who until five minutes ago seemed to care not a wit for America and only concerned himself with amassing wealth and growing personal fame by torturing apprentices in a reality TV show?

March 13, 2016

Failing Grade: why we left Ontario's public Catholic schools

As some of my past readers may know, this past September all of our children entered the public Catholic school system here in Ontario. My husband and I had been really hoping that the public system, even with its myriad of problems, would at least be bearable. 

After all, our local Catholic school had scored extremely well on academic indicators (as measured by the Fraser Institute). We were not expecting perfection. We knew there were lots of problems with the public system (to state the obvious: Wynne's outrageous new sex-ed curriculum).

But like many parents, we told ourselves that we could keep our kids on the right path through open discussions. Whenever our children came across things we disagreed with, or even in advance of certain lessons at school, we would just unteach and reteach, explaining how and why our own values were right.

So for the past several months, we tried to go along and get along. Until two weeks ago, when our mounting concerns reached a boiling point, and we made a decision. We pulled out our children and returned to homeschooling for the rest of this year.

It was a painful decision, but inevitable. Our encounter with Ontario's public Catholic school system was a huge disappointment on too many levels.

October 20, 2015

Election Day in Canada: Death of Hope, Reason and Common Sense

October 19 has turned out to be a very dark day for Canada. I am still processing the disbelief and shock at what has just happened. It is hard to find words...

The damage that Trudeau's election will do to this country is immeasurable. And with the Conservative government gone, there is no reason left to feel proud of being a Canadian. I feel as if I am suddenly living in a foreign country. The triumphalism of the media, especially the CBC, is unbearable.

September 21, 2015

Why is abortion ignored by genocide studies?

Recognizing abortion as a modern genocide.
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum surely qualifies as one of the world's best resources on genocide studies. The museum concerns itself not only with the Holocaust of World War II, but also with other modern genocides, such as those in Bosnia, Cambodia and elsewhere. Currently, the museum website presents a big feature on "The World's Refugee Crisis" involving Syrian refugees.  

How can it be then, that I search the museum website in vain for even a single reference to the worst mass killing of all time: the continuing loss of human life through abortion? How is it possible that the museum website provides the audio of lectures such as "How Might Another Holocaust Be Prevented?", paradoxically in complete ignorance of the holocaust of unborn children that is happening at this very moment?

This strange omission is not unique to the Holocaust Museum. Indeed, abortion is the shocking blind spot of the entire international community of justice seekers, truth defenders and human rights activists, which includes innumerable organizations including Amnesty International and other human rights groups. 

How can it be explained that this very community, filled as they are with zeal for preventing and ending genocides and mass atrocities around the world, has not noticed the ongoing murder of over 57 million unborn human beings in the United States alone (since Roe v. Wade)? 

This incredible and catastrophic ignorance surely begs for some kind of explanation. One day, answers will also be demanded by incredulous future generations.

September 19, 2015

End of tolerance in Ontario: Schools can force kids to learn gender ideology

Ontario sex education curriculum harms democracy

New immigrants to Ontario may have thought they were coming to the land of milk, honey, multiculturalism and tolerance. But they are experiencing a great disillusionment. They may have escaped tyranny in their home countries, but they have only jumped from the frying pan into a growing new fire.

Here in Ontario, we are witnessing the end of real tolerance. Earlier this month, Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals made it clear that the Ontario government will allow school boards to mandate that children attend portions of the new sex-ed curriculum.

Gotta give it to Sandals, this is a smart PR decision. It makes the province look benevolent - they wash their hands of the dirty work. It will be the local school boards, not the Wynne government, who forces kids to sit through the gender ideology propaganda. Wynne can claim innocence when the election rolls around, and even blame the parents - "if you don't like what your school board is doing, take it up with your trustees".

Meanwhile, the bureaucratic juggernaut of the school boards is already rolling forward the hardline. In Mississauga, the Peel District School Board  Director of Education recently gave a speech where he put it this way:
CTV screenshot of Tony Pontes, Peel District Education Director"If they ask for an accommodation, in other words to be exempted from a discussion around same-sex families, we would not provide that accommodation."

September 8, 2015

Scandalous Sabotage: Canadian Bishops vs. the Pro-Life Movement, Part 2

Infographic with walking bishops

In my original post on August 31, I discussed the letter that Canadian pro-life veteran Steve Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews wrote to blogger Vox Cantoris, which contained serious and disturbing allegations about the decades-long intentional sabotage of the pro-life movement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).

It has come to my attention that Jalsevac has now written a second letter which has also been published by Vox Cantoris. This second letter is just as important as the first. It provides further shocking information, especially about more recent events, and deserves to be widely read by Canadian Catholics who seek to better understand the pro-life struggle in Canada and why so little has been achieved over the years.

Lesbian sues for being impregnated with black sperm

Infographic with black baby and half price sale sign
This kind of thing is no longer shocking. A white lesbian sued her sperm bank for $50,000 after being accidentally impregnated with the sperm of an African American man.

The lesbian gave birth to a healthy daughter (now 3 years old), but apparently the mixed race of this little child causes her mother untold stresses and suffering, such as having to travel for a decent haircut "to a black neighborhood, far from where she lives, where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome.”

Notice that the lesbian sought damages for "breach of warranty." Surprising? Hardly. In the brave new world of human reproduction, unborn human beings have the status of mere commodities. They have become just another product to be assembled to specifications at your local fertility clinic or online sperm/egg retailer. Babies are now sold as lifestyle accessories.