Scandalous Sabotage: Canadian Bishops vs. the Pro-Life Movement, Part 2

September 08, 2015
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In my original post on August 31, I discussed the letter that Canadian pro-life veteran Steve Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews wrote to blogger Vox Cantoris, which contained serious and disturbing allegations about the decades-long intentional sabotage of the pro-life movement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).

It has come to my attention that Jalsevac has now written a second letter which has also been published by Vox Cantoris. This second letter is just as important as the first. It provides further shocking information, especially about more recent events, and deserves to be widely read by Canadian Catholics who seek to better understand the pro-life struggle in Canada and why so little has been achieved over the years.

One particular passage stood out for me, as a parent in Ontario who has also been battling against the Wynne government's ideological brainwashing through an explicit and dangerous sex-ed curriculum:
Another scandal has been the total lack of cooperation of the Ontario Bishops (with one known exception) with the faithful laity attempting to stop the implementation of the Ontario government's sex ed curriculum. CLC, LifeSite, REAL Women and numerous other groups of various cultural and religious backgrounds have undertaken historically unprecedented cooperative actions to try to stop the curriculum. However, the bishops insisted on taking the quiet, behind the scenes direct negotiations with the government route which was predictably a total failure, as such a strategy has always been on these kinds of issues.(The same failed approach I should add that allowed "Gay Straight Alliances" into our Catholic schools. More than one Toronto priest has told me that they were "forbidden" to speak on the issue from the pulpit!)
This is just one snippet, but there is a lot more to this letter. Get the  whole story over at Vox Cantoris, and pass it on. We need to be informed, and to hold our Bishops accountable. Shepherds, do not sell your sheep to the wolves!


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