Christian Support For Trump

February 28, 2020

By Doug McManaman |

Serious question, Doug:

You seem to be a big fan of Donald Trump, and you are clearly a Catholic Christian and I'm sure you love Jesus. So could you please explain to me just what part of Donald Trump reminds you of Jesus Christ?

Tom Riddering

Serious answer:


Perhaps the best way for me to answer that “off the cuff” is to say first of all that there's not a whole lot about Donald Trump that reminds me of Jesus, rather, there's a great deal about which his opponents remind me of Satan. Everyone loved Donald Trump before he ran for President, especially the media. How does one explain this sudden turn and hatred? How does one explain this massive double standard? I am very persuaded that it has much to do with his foreign policy, which was the same foreign policy that Obama ran on. It was a great foreign policy, and it is currently the foreign policy that Tulsi Gabbard has been running on, which is why Tulsi does not seem to have a chance. The difference is that Obama seems to have become a puppet of...what shall we call it....the Double Government (Michael Glennon), or the military industrial complex, which includes the 17 National Security Agencies, the private banks, Federal Reserve, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Dynamics, etc, who have significant shares in the major news networks in the U.S. No one thought for a moment that Donald Trump had a chance at winning the presidency, which is why no one took him seriously. When it became clear that he just might win, that's when the "Deep State" (former CIA director John Brennon's term) went into panic and we saw a full scale effort to discredit and smear this man. Why? Can't he be made a puppet like Obama? Obama did not remain faithful to his foreign policy, as is evident, for he was at war for every single day of his presidency, he killed more people in the middle east with his drones than Bush did, he abused Executive Privilege, he vindictively went after investigative journalists who exposed high level corruption in government, and he got a free pass from the media (my students from the Middle East knew Obama was a large scale killer, but no one else in Canada and the U.S seemed to know, because they kept all this off of mainstream news--and he wins the Nobel Peace Prize to boot), so why not just make Trump a puppet by purchasing him like any other Democrat or Republican (terms which mean nothing to this underlying layer of unelected professional politicians, bankers, corporate elite, etc. In other words, take your position on the left and right, just don't cross a certain line which will have economic implications for the banks and the major weapons manufacturers, etc.)? The reason is that Donald Trump is hard headed, independent minded, and rich--as he said, he cannot be bought. And he's an outsider. He's a business man. He's a deal maker. He started talking about peace with Russia, peace with China, look at what happened in North Korea (even though there is much more to do), etc. This man really might very well bring peace to the middle east. He has certain gifts in this regard. But as Wolf Blitzer asked: "How will this affect jobs? Won't this lead to a loss of jobs for those who work for Raytheon and Lockheed, for example?" Yes it will. There is a perpetual war party in the U.S, and they used to be Republicans, but now they've moved over to the side of the Democrats. Just look how Hilary labelled Tulsi Gabbard, as a Russian asset. Even Tucker Carlson has been called a Russian asset. Anyone who expresses any skepticism regarding our history of interfering in foreign elections and the resulting regime change wars, etc., is quickly labelled a Russian asset.

Trump has very thin skin, far too thin, but ironically, he's has astounding endurance. He's the only genuine threat to this political substructure that has settled into place, and talk of cleaning the swamp and similar rhetoric has been a serious threat to the livelihood of millions of people who depend on the perpetual war party and globalism, which has decimated the midwest.

So let's just say I am very suspicious about the anti-Trump rhetoric. They've tried to impeach him from the first day he took office--an obvious threat to the very idea of democracy. The Russian collusion fiasco turned out to be a lie, Joe Biden really did get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating his son, who really did collect massive amounts of money for doing nothing, Hillary should be in jail, she is as corrupt as Obama clearly articulated when he was running against her for the leadership, she is a warmonger to the highest degree (think of Libya and Honduras), and this corrupt political substructure who have been running things since Eisenhower’s warning, through to the 60s and beyond, toppling democratically elected governments that were not quite in the interests of certain U.S. corporations, etc., all this together makes a great case that Donald Trump is the one thing that the world, let alone the United States, needs desperately at this time. It would be nice if he was a bit more thick skinned and a bit more presidential, a bit more professional, a lot more humble, but you Tom Riddering are one of the most arrogant human beings I've met in the past 30 years and I still talk to you and respect you in many ways. There's a lot to like about Trump, despite CNN and Adam Schiff (who really is a pathological liar). The fact that Trump finally got rid of John Bolton should be enough to get Trump a few major points--Bolton is a psychopath through and through, but just look at how the media and the Democrats reacted when he fired him. They should have rejoiced. But they criticized Trump for it. Astounding. Anyone with just a modicum of critical thinking capacity should be able to see that there is something profoundly irrational and inconsistent going on under the surface, which only begins to make sense when you see it in the light of the national security state in the U.S.

Peace to you, Tommy.

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