Isabelle O'Connor
Isabelle (B├ęgin) O'Connor, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Concordia University and another in Translation from the University of Ottawa.

Upon reading the book Abortion and Contraception by Henri Morgentaler (1982), and how abortion risks increase exponentially with each week of gestation, Isabelle spent two years (1998-1999) researching morbidity and mortality statistics in relation to legally-induced abortion. She was on a quest to find out why and how the morbidity and mortality categories practically always read "zero", which did not match studies on the matter.

What she found was astounding. For example, the World Health Organization coding rules actually prohibit mortality statistics with regards to legally-induced abortion to be coded under the "legally-induced abortion" category, and instead require that they be coded under "external cause - medical misadventure", among a host of other rules that diffuse and hide morbidity due to legally induced abortion within a variety of categories other than "legally induced abortion". Her findings were published worldwide in a number of languages, a press conference was held on Parliament Hill, and she provided speaking engagements. A series of current events has reignited her fervour to have her findings known. 

Mrs. O'Connor is now on a quest to have her pamphlet The two types of abortion injury disseminated as widely as possible, as well as her press release The Supreme Court of Canada declared late-term abortion a threat to women's security, which is accessible on her new website, She thanks any and all persons and organizations who can help with the $2,000 needed to wire the press release to all Canadian media. She may be contacted at

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