Patrick Brown, is math as important as sex ed?

September 04, 2016

We the People, I mean, Parents, of Ontario call upon MPP Patrick Brown to declare himself on education. Many in Ontario believe that Kathleen Wynne has sailed this beautiful province well onto the rocks and is unable to steer it back. However before we entrust Patrick Brown with the well-being of the province, we first want to ask about the well-being of our children.

We, the consumers of Ontario’s failing yet daring education system, want assurances that teaching math will have as great, or greater priority as teaching sex-education. If we are to believe the current Masters of Flip in the ONT government, sex education will be taught throughout all subjects, incorporated into every lesson possible. If grade school students can learn in music class about the sexual proclivities of a certain composer, then by-golly, let’s tell it. I mean teach it. And so on in history and art and shop classes. If a teacher can’t find a way to incorporate into their lessons, information about sexual identity, sexual health, sexual reproduction, sexual pleasure etc… well, they just aren’t trying hard enough.

Because sex is given this high priority in our province’s approach to education, teachers will use the tried and true methods of constant repetition and re-enforcement. Since repetition and re-enforcement have proven themselves to be worthy of sex-education, will Patrick Brown ensure that these proven learning tools will be used for math lessons? Will you ask teachers to give math the same emphasis they give sex-education? Will their teaching methods be held to the same standard?

The parents of Ontario await your decision Mr. Brown. Does Math=Sex-Ed in Ontario?

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