Van Maren's Culture War: Hope in the midst of desolation

November 02, 2016

Reading Culture War (LifeCycle Books, 2016) by Jonathon van Maren is much like that IMAX experience where a helicopter takes you on a racing ride above a quickly changing landscape. It is an epic and fast-moving panoramic sweep of contemporary society, displaying in HD clarity the deepest problems that are haunting many of us, often silently. No one can walk away from reading this book without a profound sense of just how desperately and completely our society is in the clutches of darkness.

Van Maren is one of Canada’s most talented young social conservatives, and Culture War is his first book, though surely not his last. It is a powerful work, packed with statistics, research and personal anecdotes which expose the rot and devastation that have built up under the thin veneer of normality in Western society.

Chapter by chapter, Van Maren descends down the circles of hell, starting with the hook-up culture and the “porn plague”, and proceeding to the rape culture, abortion, euthanasia and eugenics, and the commodification of human beings. It is a painful read, because our infection runs so deep and so far. But if we want to work towards creating a healthier culture, we first need an accurate diagnosis of our problems.

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