Donald Trump has been fire everyone else

November 09, 2016

By Lea Z. Singh |

What started out as a reality show has turned into reality itself. Donald Trump has been fire pretty much everyone else. If only we could now move in the cameras to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Here's what the Oval Office will look like for the next few months or years:

I did not support Trump during the election campaign. If I had voted, it would have been for an independent candidate. But my husband may be right when he says, "Thank goodness most Americans realised that it was a binary choice." If more people had thought like me, then we might have Hillary in power today. And I can't deny the fact that I feel a palpable sense of relief this morning because she is not in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump might yet blow up the world with nukes. He might build a Great Wall of Mexico. He might kill NAFTA and do all kinds of impulsive, crazy things. But he might also put a conservative Justice into the Supreme Court, and he might roll back abortion and the dictatorship of political correctness. He is a wildcard which represents hope.

So thank you (possibly and maybe), all you hidden Trump supporters, for your covert act of sticking it to the Man. We might all be better off as a result. Or not, time will tell. But I doubt we will end up any worse off than we would have been under Clinton the Second.

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