Lesbian sues for being impregnated with black sperm

September 08, 2015

Infographic with black baby and half price sale sign
This kind of thing is no longer shocking. A white lesbian sued her sperm bank for $50,000 after being accidentally impregnated with the sperm of an African American man.

The lesbian gave birth to a healthy daughter (now 3 years old), but apparently the mixed race of this little child causes her mother untold stresses and suffering, such as having to travel for a decent haircut "to a black neighborhood, far from where she lives, where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome.”

Notice that the lesbian sought damages for "breach of warranty." Surprising? Hardly. In the brave new world of human reproduction, unborn human beings have the status of mere commodities. They have become just another product to be assembled to specifications at your local fertility clinic or online sperm/egg retailer. Babies are now sold as lifestyle accessories.

The websites of sperm and egg retailers market their wares like glossy Sears catalogues. When you are not used to these sites, it is really quite incredible! Consumers can select their children's DNA not just by race but also by characteristics like ethnic background, height, eye and hair color, profession and level of education, even hobbies and interests. Often, the sperm of men with advanced degrees commands a higher price than the sperm of less-educated men, and some sperm banks will not accept sperm from men who are under 6 ft. tall.

Go ahead - just for fun, try out a donor search at the Cryos International Bank, which lays claim to "the world's largest selection of sperm donors." Remember to click on the "extended profile", which yields information like this. Or visit Midwest Sperm Bank (where the lesbian bought her sperm), currently offering a "September donors special" sale on the sperm of Donors No. 190, 372, 564, 535, 554.

After all this effort to ensure that the perfect baby would be coming home, imagine the consumer's outrage when he or she does not get what they paid for. Imagine the shock and horror of discovering that they paid thousands of dollars only to be accidentally impregnated with the sperm of someone who is not white, not blond, not a Ph.D., or well below 6" tall! 

A lawsuit for breach of warranty is the natural next step. These lawsuits are popping up quite regularly now, sometimes under the title of "wrongful birth".

Market-driven eugenics have become a worldwide industry worth billions of dollars. Of course, one major glitch in the plan to turn kids into commodities is that unlike Walmart and Amazon.com, the sperm and egg banks are missing the essential "customer service" department which accepts returns.

Though on second thought, I'm sure that Planned Parenthood has filled in that role quite happily.


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