You Are Officially Declared a Racist Under the U.S. Constitution

June 26, 2015
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By Lea Z. Singh |

Image of sign saying It's just love
Except it isn't just love. It also comes with a lot of hate,
towards anyone who doesn't celebrate this cause.
Today's Supreme Court decision changes everything.

Obergefell represents the complete failure of American democracy and the illegitimate usurpation of law-making power by five unelected judges. But that isn't news, really - the Supreme Court has had that problem for a long time.

The news is all about the irrevocable decision that has been taken, to create a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

It is a destructive and serious historical error, but history has indeed been made today. The Supreme Court has enshrined the views of one side of the marriage debate within the Constitution, thus making them virtually unassailable. Try taking back a constitutional right.

But the Supreme Court did something even more far-reaching: it created a new form of "racism". The majority decision leans heavily on the view that same-sex marriage is just like interracial marriage. The corollary conclusion, of course, is that anyone who opposes same-sex marriage is essentially no better than a racist who is motivated by mere animus. 

How do we treat racists?

Now that everyone who opposes same-sex marriage has been officially categorized as a racist under the U.S. Constitution, a new era begins.

Before this day, the playing field was still level, and each side wielded leverage in its own ways. Each side was at least theoretically entitled to the same treatment in the media, in public forums, in professional life, and so on. Support for same-sex marriage was a matter that was still up for debate, and there was at least some recognition of the fact that reasonable people could disagree.

Expect all that to change. Racists are not worthy of any respect, or debate, or representation, or even of being heard. They ought to be silenced, rejected, pushed out, mocked, jeered, and personally and professionally destroyed. They are not entitled to "equal protection" in our society. They are the personification of evil and injustice, and as such, they are the "cockroaches" that must be exterminated.

That, in a nutshell, is a preview of what's coming next.

Things are gonna slide in all directions, 
won't be nothing you can't measure anymore. 
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world 
has crossed the threshold 
and it's overturned the order of the soul.

There will be no holds barred any more. With the Constitution in the palms of their hands, those who support gender ideology have all the sanction they need to give short shrift to proponents of traditional marriage, no apologies.

The darkness has descended upon America, and much of the world is being pulled into the shadows. Obergefell marks the fall of freedom and reason. This is a time of mass delusion, and totalitarianism is already knocking on the doors.

A personal taste of the future

Yesterday before the decision came out, I had a Twitter conversation with a man who wrote to me in response to one of my articles.  Here is how the conversation went. Although it was just one exchange, I think it is very illustrative of the tone and treatment that we can expect:

Abe wrote to me: I didn't seek him out. But clearly, he had only one motive here. Notice the mockery, gloating and insults. Notice the hate. Notice the refusal to engage in any kind of reasoned dialogue. 

Now realize that Abe List has 2, 174 followers. He is a professional who works in finance. Indeed, he is likely a wealthy and influential man: he describes himself as a partner in a private equity firm, and notes that he donates to the "cause of shaming bigots".

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