Pope Francis: our fear-mongering, tree-hugging pope

June 19, 2015
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By Jasbir T. Singh |

Laudato Si'
Catholics can disagree with Pope Francis

 on Climate change
After reading the first chapter of Laudato Si', up to point #61, I was unable to read any further. My reaction to the first chapter was not good. In fact, only after the first paragraph, I could feel my stomach churning. I completely reject, and will not adopt Pope Francis' characterization of the earth as "Sister" and "Mother".

I realize that hundreds of years ago, this kind of language may have been fitting when St. Francis Assisi said it in his canticle, but it is not appropriate today due to the New Age Movement. The tone set in the very first paragraph, I think, will encourage liberal Catholics and pagans to gravitate toward New Age sentiment. The Vatican's Jesus Christ - The Bearer of the Water of Life discusses the problems with New Age, and its anti-Christian ideology.

Quite frankly, I will only acknowledge two mothers in my life. First, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and second, my biological mother who carried me in her womb, and raised me lovingly. I refuse to utter the words, mother and earth, together in the same sentence.

I have finally reached a conclusion about Pope Francis, after much struggle, and many attempts to give him the benefit of the doubt. I truly think that he has been infected with extremist leftist ideology, and he is supporting and encouraging the socially liberal clergy through promotions, e.g. Timothy Radcliffe to the Pontifical Council, while intentionally reducing the influence of conservative clergy through demotions, e.g. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (even though the good Cardinal himself denies it).

The first chapter of the Pope's encyclical is riddled with doomsday language intended to convince the reader that the earth is being destroyed by humans and that “…the present world system is certainly unsustainable …” (#61).

While the Pope may have the support of many scientists to back him, the fact is that there are also many scientists who don't support such claims. The Pope has clearly taken a stance on a highly controversial scientific issue, and it is a shame. He has set the tone in the first chapter to read as a political and ideological manifesto straight out of the Leftist propaganda machine. For this reason, I have chosen to stop reading, as I believe this encyclical to be a political and ideologically tainted document. The Pope is using it to issue his own personal opinions and calling it the Church’s social teaching. In my opinion this first chapter was void of anything Catholic.

While my Catholic faith is unshakable, I completely disagree with most of the content in Chapter 1, and I am very concerned about Pope Francis' fanatical worries about the environment. We are living in times of brainwashing and madness. I am deeply saddened that he has aligned himself with Al Gore, and has such egregious, one-sided, alarmist opinions, which do not have the unanimous support of the scientific community. This part was particularly disturbing to me:
... yet a number of
scientific studies indicate that most global warming in recent decades is due to the great
concentration of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides and others) released mainly as a result of human activity. 
With all due respect Holy Father, there are also a number of reputable scientists who reject the notion that global warming even exists [1][2]. Some even go as far as calling it a scientific fraud [3]. I'm sure you must have known about this, so I can only presume that you have intentionally chosen to ignore these opposing views because they don't suit your ideological position.

I was a happy camper during Pope Benedict XVI's reign, but now I have to live with the disappointment of having a political and ideological Pope. I was dumbfounded after reading Chapter 1, and I just can't read any further. Perhaps the "good" that has come out of this discouraging experience is that I have decided to re-read past encyclicals, and discover many of the other encyclicals that I haven't read yet. Only after that, will I perhaps reconsider visiting Laudato Si', and moving on to Chapter 2. It may take me a few years.

For now, I encourage like-minded Catholics to get over their fear of being labelled a "bad Catholic", and shout from the roof tops about the problems with this politically and ideologically charged encyclical regarding the environment. Please recognize that you are free to disagree with Pope Francis on climate change. I also highly recommend this article about escaping the age of mass delusion. It discusses how political propaganda is so successful at moving an agenda forward, unbeknownst to the majority of people.


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