I felt totally abandoned this weekend as everyone was 'rainbowing' on Facebook

June 30, 2015
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By Lea Z. Singh |

Let me share with you a reaction that I received after I published my post about Facebook's rainbow conformity campaign (which has since been republished on LifeSite News) on my personal Facebook page.

The reaction, which came from one of my Facebook friends, strikes me as representative of what many people went through this past weekend. My friend wrote:
"This is exactly how I felt. I felt totally abandoned this weekend as many of my friends and my children started "rainbowing" their photo. It's very creepy and I felt the pressure to conform...I have to admit I'm even afraid to repost this even though I normally would. I have been afraid all weekend to discuss this or put very much on Facebook because I am lost on how to battle this."
Notice that even her children rainbowed their photos. Notice the social isolation that she felt as a result of all these rainbowed profiles. That is propaganda in action. Another way to describe it: a cloaked form of bullying. It aims to isolate us, to make us feel like "nonpersons".

When we feel alone, we feel powerless. We become silent, and the bully wins.
It all reminds me of other totalitarian times, where things got so bad that parents were sometimes turned in by their own children. No one could be trusted; fear kept people hunkered down in passive silence.

Here is a portion of my response to my friend on Facebook:
"It is so sad to read that your children, too, were included in this. I worry about my own children...they are just little now, but the propaganda machine will come down hard on them in the next few years. Your comment sends chills down my spine....
Things are getting serious now, and a lot of people are becoming afraid. I don't have all the answers either. It is okay to lie low sometimes. Being a hero is not always wise: it is good to think strategically. The time will come perhaps when we are forced to become martyrs. But that time may not be right now, right here."

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