Critique transgenderism? Not allowed in Ontario

April 25, 2015
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A great article in The Public Discourse: "The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique" by Carlos D. Flores. This article makes many good points. Among these:
A petition is floating around the internet to ban so-called “transgender conversion therapy,” a procedure that involves, presumably, an attempt by a professional to help a person who is experiencing a gender identity disorder (also known as gender dysphoria). If the progress of the homosexual movement is a guide to what will come next, we can expect that laws will soon be passed criminalizing individuals’ receiving therapy to help them do away with transgender identities or desires—even for those who want to relieve themselves of such identities and desires.
Wouldn'tcha know it, this is exactly where we are in Ontario. A bill is being passed at this very moment making this very therapy illegal. I really don't know what Catholic organizations such as Courage will do with that one, since they are basically being squeezed out of their own teachings.

In fact, many things are becoming illegal in Ontario, including freedom of speech. Reading this article, I was struck by the fact that this very piece would likely face some kind of human rights legal challenge today in Ontario. It would take a lot of courage - and perhaps some foolishness - to publish it here in Canada.

Finding this article online, I experienced a bit of what it must feel like for those in dictatorships to have Internet access and find sources from the "free West". In the United States, free voices like Carlos D. Flores still ring out. But here in Ontario, we now live in a culture of fear.

Earlier this month, the blogger at Crux of the Matter published a critique of transgendered men. It was not in any way 'hate speech' but only pointed out what science tells us about men and women, and how certain things cannot be changed. It was very weak water compared to this article by Carlos D. Flores, though she essentially made some of the same points.

BUT after reading through the new Ontario sexual education curriculum,  the blogger became deeply concerned that her post was violating the Ontario human rights code. She deleted the text of her post, rather than risk being hauled before a human rights tribunal. She then placed an explanation in the comments. Later, she removed all traces of her post on this topic, including the comments.

Self-censorship has indeed arrived.

Crux of the Matter later posted about the sexual education curriculum, which she noted entrenches in our schools a notion of gender as socially constructed. She writes: " this curriculum document excludes all people of faith and what they might believe about being male or female, as well as such scientific biological and genetic evidence as XY and XX chromosomes."

What's more, she writes that there isn't much that a conservative government could do to change this curriculum. Really, the curriculum is just updating our schools to reflect Ontario's laws, because the whole concept of "gender identity" is now enshrined in the provincial human rights code.

Welcome to the new world order.

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