Farewell Sun News - Canadian conservative media takes a big hit

February 14, 2015

By Lea Z. Singh |

Conservative news media in Canada has just lost its biggest player. Sun News, Canada's only right-of-centre national news network, suddenly went off the air yesterday morning.

The decision was made by the station's owner, Quebeccor, since it failed to find a buyer for Sun News after months of trying. Quebecor is selling the Sun Media newspapers and websites to Postmedia Network Canada Corp, but Sun News was never part of the deal, so a new owner was required to keep the station operational. No such owner could be found.

It's almost surreal how quickly a complete wipe-out of the network has happened. Not only did their television channel go silent without warning, but their entire website has disappeared as well. Overnight, it's almost like Sun News never existed.

Was it really necessary to remove all the content off the website? How about something more gentle, like a letter of explanation to viewers and readers, saying goodbye but leaving all the old content for at least a while?

Looks like the staff of Sun News was also caught off guard. Brian Lilley, formerly a key Sun News host, posted this "Byline" from his living room:

It is very sad to see Sun News go. With their television cameras and live interviews, Sun News was able to cover stories in a way that websites and print media simply cannot. There are still a few sources of conservative news content here in Canada, but there are probably some stories that will now slip under the radar.

All the best to each of the 150 people who were employed at Sun News, all of whom now have to find other work. Hoping to see you all again in other venues!

UPDATE: Four Key SunNews employees started REBEL Media almost overnight, and it already looks like a great website! Brian Lilley, Ezra Levant, Michael Coren and Marissa Semkiw can now be found online at http://www.therebel.media/

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