Canada's top court says doctors need to kill to help patients

February 07, 2015

By Lea Z. Singh |

Should I still become a doctor, Mommy?
"There is no fault in ending a life without value." - Adolf Hitler*

Yesterday the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously decided that Canada needs to legalize physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. This is Canada's Roe v. Wade, only this one is granting permission for doctors to kill after birth.

Not a single Justice on the Supreme Court dissented. Outside the Court's ivory tower, lowly ordinary citizens are adrift in a raging sea of conflicting perspectives on this incredibly contentious issue. But behind the giant black doors of the top court, the Justices are all of a remarkably single mind. The deck of cards is stacked. North of the 49th, conservative judges and lawyers are about as rare as a white tiger.

What are the circumstances under which assisted suicide or euthanasia will be permitted by the Supreme Court? As presented by CTV News:
[T]he patient should be "a competent adult" who "clearly consents" to end their life, and who has a "grievous and irremediable medical condition." That could include a disease, but it could also include a disability that causes "enduring suffering" and that is intolerable to the individual.
While the media is generally presenting the definition of the Supreme Court as "narrow", with a closer look the narrowness of these limits all but disappears. Click to read Andrew Coyne's scathing take on how this ruling takes a big step down the slippery slope.

Here is what Wesley Smith says about it at National Review Online:
The Canadian Supreme Court just forced both assisted suicide and active lethal injection euthanasia–and not just for the terminally ill, but also for those with psychological suffering–on the entire country.
Canada, engage your engines. Warp speed into a time of moral darkness and confusion. The death spiral shows no signs of abating.

The federal government appears none too keen to heed the top court's Royal Decree. They might try to spin the wheels as long as possible, but it's likely only a matter of time now before the federal laws change to reflect the preferences of Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and her crew. Conveniently, there is already a private members' bill at the ready. In a sad twist, the bill is being brought before Parliament by Conservative MP Stephen Fletcher, Canada's first quadriplegic Member of Parliament.

In a further aligning of the stars, this Supreme Court ruling comes just as the doctors' licensing bodies in Ontario and Saskatchewan are clamping down their own well-heeled feet upon the rights and freedoms that doctors have had for centuries, if not millennia. Draft regulations will eliminate the ability of doctors to opt out of referring for treatments that violate their conscience. The Hippocratic Oath has been eviscerated; seems like the worst thing for a doctor to do these days is to respect the worth and dignity of human life and natural procreation.

These are "interesting" times. One can only wonder how dark it can still get before it all rains down and the skies clear again. The future often eludes predictions, but given the gathering momentum of the movement away from a Christian worldview, I doubt whether a return to sanity will happen within my own lifetime - and I'm not yet at middle age.
NOTE: *The top quote from Adolf Hitler comes up in one of Hitler's speeches, as shown in the miniseries Pope Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky. The Hitler clip shown in Episode 1 of the mini-series was real and shown in German, with translation provided by a character (Pope Pius XII). I have not been able to find it independently on the web (I don't know the specific date or occasion of the speech).

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