Mozilla is a Weather Vane

April 09, 2014

By Lea Z. Singh |
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If history were like the weather, our times would surely be like a forming hurricane. Conditions for this hurricane have been favourable for decades (many would trace back the disturbed weather to Roe v. Wade and to the advent of the contraceptive pill), but in recent years there is no doubt that wind speeds have seriously intensified, and here in North America we are now witnessing something close to a tropical storm.

On one front, the American government is brazenly attempting to force religious institutions or private businesses to abandon their most deeply held beliefs by covering services they deeply hold to be immoral. Should. be. shocking. Ten years ago, many of us would have had a hard time believing this could happen.

On another front just this week, Mozilla. It's nice to see Americans rallying the troops, blocking Mozilla and flooding the web browser HQ with negative feedback. What's different about this case? It represents an escalation in ideological intolerance - in the past, people didn't lose their jobs for disagreeing with the liberal agenda, but today that is openly starting to happen. Shameless intolerance in the name of tolerance.

Where is all this going? What will the full-on hurricane look like once (probably not if) it comes? By all signs it will be coming soon.

As a mother, I worry. Will my three tots, so happy and oblivious to it all, one day be told that they are unemployable because they obey their conscience and the teachings of their religion, not some extremist sect but the two-thousand-years-old Catholic Church upon which our entire civilization is in many ways founded? Will they have to whisper their beliefs only in secret, pass around samizdat, immigrate to other countries to preserve their freedoms?

Only, there may be no other countries to run to. Seems to me we are experiencing a worldwide phenomenon here, not just a North American idiosyncrasy.

Not sure what can be done about it. There is a whole lot of good fighting going on at the Supreme Court, in the political arena, in the blogosphere. But my sense is that there is no turning back. The wall of the tsunami is a shadow headed for us in the distance. The tropical storm is turning into a hurricane. 

Gather your children in your arms. 

Brace for impact.

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