If You Really Want To Be Feminist, Keep Your Shirt On

October 01, 2013

By Lea Z. Singh |

My temperature rises every time I see reports like this one.  Today at the Quebec Legislature, three "feminist" protesters barged into the public gallery topless, chanting that the crucifix be removed from the chamber wall.

Spare me. Nude protests are so yesterday. Do these women really still believe that going bare is somehow blazing the way forward for women's rights?

What rights might those be, I wonder? Perhaps they believe it is feminist to transform themselves into objects for male gratification.

Let me guess, they just want to get attention, and this sure gets it for them. But I've got news for you ladies: if you take your shirt off while you chant your slogans, you are all but guaranteeing that no one will even remember what you were talking about. All the eyes will be elsewhere, and all the ears will be shut. We are a very visual species, and men are a very visual bunch. If you want to get your point across, talk with your mouths, not your private parts.

In an age when pornography has captured the minds of so many of our men of all ages, when men struggle just to make it through their daily commute without being drawn to the half-clad bodies leaning suggestively toward them from billboards, how does it help the cause of women to strut around without our shirts on? Women are already so over-objectified that our culture can hardly sink any lower. Prancing nude in the Legislature just confirms that we do indeed have to undress in order to get men to listen to us.

Come on ladies. Grow up, and if you really want to become examples of women's power, then do something truly counter-cultural and keep your clothes on.

photo credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc

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